Period underwear is slowly becoming the number one menstrual solution for women around Australia. Among the other menstrual products such as cups, tampons, liners and sanitary pads, period undies are ideal for those looking for a period-proof, leak free, rash-free and non-invasive monthly flow product that contains both light and heavy periods during the day and overnight too!

Period-proof underwear is a must-have

Say hello to comfortable period panties infused with the latest moisture-wicking technology so you can stay dry and clean no matter what your day has in store for you! Gone are the days of constantly stressing over leaks, stains and accidents. Start enjoying a stress-free experience today with our revolutionary period-proof underwear available at Night N Day - high capacity, leak-free, super comfortable and overnight proof!

Period underwear — all you need to know about them 

Here’s a quick guide for you to learn more about period undies — what they are, the benefits of using them and the straightforward ways you can take care of them.

What is period-proof underwear? 

Period panties are absorbent undies with multiple layers of fabric. While period panties look like regular undies, they’re designed to keep moisture away from the skin as they absorb menstrual blood. Unlike the competition, our period-proof underwear is designed to directly replace disposable sanitary pad, liners and tampons. And just like regular underwear, they can be washed and reused throughout your cycle.

How do period undies work?

Specifically designed to absorb menstrual blood, period panties are created from materials that hold over 100ml - that’s dozens of tampons’ worth! Our innovative fabrics provide a waterproof barrier and an additional barrier to prevent leaks, stains and accidents. While most women only use period-proof underwear during their lighter menstrual days, ours are designed to stand the test of times and perfect for the heavy start, lighter middle and (hopefully) light end. Our period underwear is also designed to be used overnight. 

Why should you choose period panties?

Period panties are winning hearts and awards due to their eco-friendly and non-invasive design. Wearing period underwear is as comfortable as wearing a pair of your go-to everyday undies. Unlike other menstrual products, they do not cause irritation, rashes or bumps. They’re also washable and reusable, making them highly convenient and budget-friendly for women of all ages!

Why women are turning to period underwear in Australia

The multiple benefits of the revolutionary period-free underwear include:

  • Reusable and washable —Period panties are washable and can be reused repeatedly throughout your cycle. Simply soak them in cold water and air dry them before they can be used again!
  • Non-invasive protection — One of the best things about period underwear is that it’s safe for all-day wear thanks to the stain-free, non-intrusive and comfortable design. Plus, period panties come in various cuts and patterns, so you can choose from full briefs, mid-briefs, bikinis, and hipsters, just to name a few.   
  • Environmentally friendly — Period undies are eco-friendly as they don’t waste or require any type of daily disposal. Thanks to their reusable design, they can withstand wear for two or more years.
  • Long use hours — In contrast to the other menstrual products on the market, period underwear can be worn stress-free throughout the entire day. Whether you have a heavy, regular or light flow, you can decide which period undies to wear based on your cycle and what feels best suited to your personal needs at the time. 
  • Budget-friendly — Period underwear is a great option for women looking for an affordable menstrual product as they are a one time buy that can be washed and reused for many years to come. Unlike other disposable menstrual products such as pads and tampons, there’s no need to add new items to your shopping list every time Aunt Flo pays a visit.

How to clean your period underwear?

One of the most significant advantages of opting for period panties is that they are simple and easy to care for. After you’ve made the conscious choice for both your health and the environment, get the most out of your period panties by following the appropriate care instructions for this unique and innovative product.

Here’s an easy 4 step guide to cleaning your period-proof underwear:

Step 1. Soak or rinse your period undies

After removing a used pair of period panties, soak them in cold water or rinse them until the water runs clear. 

Step 2. Wash your period panties carefully

We highly recommend washing period undies by hand and using a mild detergent to ensure they maintain their durability. If you’re in a hurry, put the period panties in a wash bag for a machine wash and adjust the setting to a delicate or gentle cycle. 

Step 3. Air dry your period undies gently

Do not put your period underwear in the dryer — this can cause them to shrink. Always lay the underwear flat or hang it up to maintain the fabric’s layers and absorbing properties. 

Step 4. Treat the period smell  

Period panties are designed to be both stain and odour resistant. In case you feel there’s a lingering odour — don’t fret, this is common — soak them in a light mixture of vinegar and water before you commence your routine wash. 

Buy the latest period underwear in Australia from Night N Day

Ready to ditch tampons and pads for comfy period undies? Check out Night N Day — the largest supplier of reusable incontinence products and period undies in Australia. As a registered NDIS provider, Night N Day is dedicated to making every day a little better with high-quality consumables and innovative products for women and young children. If you have any questions about buying period underwear online or want to know what incontinence products are the best for you or your personal needs, get in touch with our friendly customer service team or call us on 02 9531 2011. 

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