Night N Day have had an exclusive relationship with Bonds for over 20 years!

We all know Rosie's story and how she created the World's first Modern Cloth Nappy - the Minappi - but do you know how Mum start Night N Day's relationship with Bonds? 

Minappi generated a lot of attention; sold at retail outlets such as David Jones, Harvey Norman and BabyCo and even appearing on Channel 9 and Channel 7 news.

BONDS showed an interest in Rosie's inventions and our relationship quickly blossomed which has evolved into the NND x BONDS you know, love (and wear!) today.


Since then, Night N Day have had an exclusive relationship with Bonds for over 20 years, in which we have created a fantastic range of very comfortable, very discreet, and leak free undies along the way. 

The range caters to all. Perfect for Women, Men and Kids. The undergarments are designed to look just like normal underwear and because the underwear is so discreet, no-one will ever know. It’s the perfect stress-free solution having found the Bonds x Night N Day range for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

For females LBL range provides protection for periods as well. Period pants have really taken off and become very popular now, especially knowing you’re helping the environment. They are washable, reusable and very eco-friendly and extremely popular.

Our capacities including 100ml, 250ml, and 400ml, depending on your personal needs and wants. Whatever your safeguard light bladder leakage requirement is, Night N Day undergarments have Night N Day LBL pads sewn in to be extremely secure and leak free.


NIGHT N DAY is a registered NDIS provider.


Should you require any product assistance … Did you know that we manufacture a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

We're with you Night n Day 

If you have any questions about incontinence or want to know what incontinence products are the best for you or your loved one don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team





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