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Drain Bag Holder & Leg Bag Holder

  • $59.95

Drain Bag / Leg Bag Holder (only). Designed to hold and support a Drain Bag up to 2L (68 oz).
Velcro-fastening at the waist with a secondary Velcro-fastening anchor-point above the knee ensures a 100% support.
This innovative and comfortable design means you do not have to fasten or affix the Bag to the body/leg/skin, therefore eliminating the use of irritating and uncomfortable adhesives as well as blood circulation-reducing strapping.
100% cotton against the skin. Comfort. Supportive. Washable. Reusable.
Capacity: holds up to a 2 Litre bag (68 oz)
Fastening: Velcro-belt at Waist, Velcro anchor-point above the knee
Colours: White or Black

Sizing: See Sizing Chart
Code: DBAG
Proudly Australian Made

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