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Our Story


Night'N'Day Comfort (a division of Minappi Pty Ltd) was originally founded by Rosemarie Lakiss-Smith in 1989 under the 'Minappi' brand.

Rosemarie had just had her first child - Michael - and was having difficulty with her stubborn Husband - Roderick - who would refuse to change Michael's nappy (diaper) as it used "barbaric" pins to fasten a terry-towelling square. This combination was indeed the only option for Parents at the time.

Thinking "I'll show him" Rosemarie invented the babies 'Minappi' "the Only Snappy Nappy" at the time and now known as "the Original Snappy Nappy."

The Minappi was stocked by household names such as David Jones, Harvey Norman and Babyco.

Over time, demand grew from the Aged Care and Disability Sector and Rosemarie continued inventing; founding Night'N'Day Comfort and creating Australia's first range of Australian Made washable and reusable incontinence products, incontinence pants and incontinence pads for Adults.

Rosemarie, through Night'N'Day Comfort, invented the World's first washable and reusable;
- Incontinence Underwear with Waterproof and Absorbent Pad
- Incontinence Swim Pant
- Body Suit with Zip-opening for Dementia and Alzheimer's
- Sensory Suit for Children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder
- Leg Bags and Drain Bag Holders

Rosemarie and Night'N'Day Comfort continue to offer the World's only Custom Made-to-Measure continence products and incontinence solutions.

Rosemarie and Night'N'Day Comfort continue to manufacture all products from their Factory in Sydney, Australia.