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Absorbent Bed Pad with Wings (non waterproof)

  • $54.95

Absorbent bed pad, underpad mattress protector with tuck-in flaps for a safe and secure nights sleep.
An absorbent bed pad, underpad - capable of absorbing up to 2 litres whilst still remaining waterproof.
As this product is not waterproof, it is an ideal bed pad for a waterproof, vinyl-type mattress.
Super soft brushed polyester against the skin. Secure tuck-in flaps.
Waterproof: NO
Absorbent: YES
Working Capacity: up to 3000ml (3 Litres/101.5 Oz)
Fastening: Tuck-in flaps / Tuck-in wings
Sizing: See Photos or Sizing Chart
Code: AQBED2000
Proudly Australian Made

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