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PRE ORDER NEW Navy Blue Waterproof and Absorbent Bed Pad

  • $59.95

PRE ORDER today! Shipping late July.
(Any additional items will be shipped separately at no additional cost)
Preorder our brand NEW NAVY BLUE waterproof bed pad - available
with and without tuck-in flaps.

✅ No stains
✅ Super absorbent (up to 3L!)
✅ 100% waterproof backing
✅ Leak free, guaranteed!
✅ Blends perfectly with our navy blue waterproof bed linen
✅ Available with our without wings / tuck-in flaps

We are excited to now offer our famous waterproof and absorbent bed pad and mattress protector in a brand new colour - NAVY BLUE.
The navy blue is designed to blend perfectly with our navy blue waterproof bed linen, offering a discreet and stylish solution to leaks, spills and stains!

Our Rosie bed pad is a waterproof and absorbent bed pad (also known as a Kylie) - capable of absorbing up to 3 litres whilst still remaining waterproof.
Ideal for overnight use as a bed and mattress protector.
Super soft brushed polyester against the skin.
100% waterproof backing.
Available with or without secure tuck-in flaps.

Waterproof: YES
Absorbent: YES
Working Capacity: up to 3000ml (this will vary depending on size of the product)
Colours: NEW Navy Blue
Sizing: See Sizing Chart
Code: AQBED2010, AQBED2001

Proudly 100% Australian Made

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