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How To Measure For Best Fitting Incontinence Pant

How do I obtain the best fitting incontinence pant or incontinence product?

Obtaining the correct fitting incontinence pant(s) is important to prevent any unwanted leakages - usually occurring around the waist and/or thigh.

Although we provide you with the incontinence pant and/or incontinence pad measurements and specifications, some uncertainty may remain.

To help us provide you with the best fitting incontinence product or aid, please provide us with the following measurements (in CMs): 

i) Waist
ii) Hip
iii) Top of thigh (circumference of leg)
iv) Front (centre) waist to back (centre) waist - through crutch (the 'depth' of the pant)

Please use the below image as a guide on how to measure the required areas.

If any questions remain please don't hesitate to contact us via;
Phone: (02) 9531 2011, or;