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Australia's #1 Brand of Washable & Reusable Incontinence Products & Solutions!

Night N Day – Reusable Incontinence Products – Proudly Australian Made & Family Owned

Since our founding in 1989, Night N Day Comfort has become the leading brand of washable & reusable continence products and incontinence solutions. We’re constantly designing and innovating to provide you with the most reliable, comfortable, dignified and even fashionable solutions for every body; from young children to adults and seniors.

Through our partnerships with BONDS® and JOCKEY®, we’re able to bring you discreet and dignified incontinence underwear, modified with our leak-proof pad.
Our range also includes leak-free swimsuits and swimwear, bedsheets, underwear and even bed, mattress and chair protectors!

Our solutions are discreet, absorbent and waterproof

Whether you’re buying incontinence products for day or night time use, you can count on our products to be discreet and dignified whilst not sacrificing their performance through our unique waterproof and absorbent styles and designs.

For day use and light leakage, we have a wide range of Men’s, Women’s and Kids incontinence underwear and swimwear. With us, nothing is one-size-fits-all. We offer lots of variety in size, colour, shape and absorbency (from 100ml up to 400ml).

If you’re more likely to experience heavy leakage or incontinence at night, we recommend a product from our heavy range and even one of our bed and mattress protectors. We have bed pads – with and without wings – waterproof fitted bed sheets in multiple colours and bed sizes, waterproof quilt covers and even a white quilt insert you can easily wipe down with a damp cloth.

One feature all of our incontinence products have in common is their washability and reusability – over 250 times! This is game changing, industry leading guarantee means that our products are a fantastic investment, especially when compared to the cost of disposable products – you’ll save money from 3 months for the next 3 years!

Get your freedom back and live leak free with Night N Day

Night N Day is your family owned one-stop-shop for all Australian Made, high-quality incontinence products online. If you have any questions about our products, how they work or which product will best suit your needs, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and experienced team are happy to hear from you! And remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!