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Kid's Waterproof Pilcher/Nappy Cover

  • $19.95

Kid's Unisex Waterproof Pants, Waterproof Cover.
Soft-elastic at the legs and waist ensure a comfortable and secure waterproof protection against any moisture transfer.
Similar to 'plastic' incontinence pants however our unique waterproof material is amazingly soft, breathable, comfortable and does not rustle or make whilst active/moving/rubbing - all while remaining 100% waterproof.
Waterproof. Breathable. Ideal waterproof cover, nappy cover or diaper cover for day and night use.

Style: Pull-up
Absorbent: No, usually used as a cover for an absorbent incontinence aid
Waterproof: Yes, full-waterproof 'plastic' pants layer
Recommended use: Waterproof cover, pad cover, nappy cover, diaper cover, (non-absorbent)
Recommended use: Day Time Use, Night Time Use
Sizing: See Sizing Chart
Code: PIL


Please try the garment on for size over underwear to ensure fit prior to use.

Proudly Australian Made

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