Did you know that we are the only company in the world that offers a custom made incontinence product?
Our bespoke, custom made-to-measure service has been utilised by hundreds of clients around Australia and the world.
A custom made incontinence product is the ideal solution for:
- Bariatric clients
- Different shapes or proportions
- Different levels of mobility
- Different abilities
- All types and levels of incontinence
Incontinence underwear - custom made for you
Our custom made-to-measure incontinence underwear literally takes our Clients' measurements, shape and specific needs in to account and we manufacture a solution to suit your needs and requests.
How to order custom made incontinence underwear and pants
By providing us with your measurements we are able to custom make a product to fit.
Simply download and complete the below form and return to any of our contacts:

Email: gday@nightnday.com.au
Text: 0428 863 216
Please ensure that you provide us with as much information and detail as possible as this will ensure that the best fitting style and size of product is provided.
NOTE: there is a minimum order quantity of 3 products for our Custom Made products (excluding swimwear).
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