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Men's Incontinence Pants & Pads

Washable & reusable incontinence pants & pads for Men. Discreet, waterproof & absorbent products designed give you your confidence back. Light incontinence pants, heavy incontinence underwear and incontinence pads. Specially designed for Men and the male anatomy to ensure the most comfortable and secure protection against urinary and faecal (fecal) incontinence.

Night N Day Comfort has been helping people live their best lives since 1989. As an Australian family-owned business and local manufacturer, we understand the importance of building real, ongoing relationships with our valued customers.

Night N Day Comfort takes great pride in creating high-quality products for men, women and children that are not only waterproof and absorbent but discreet and dignified. We have proudly partnered with famous local and international brands such as BONDS® and JOCKEY® to create a wide range of incontinence products for all ages.

While some of our incontinence products are designed to as unisex products, others are specially designed for men such as our range of incontinence underwear for men. Our men’s incontinence briefs, trunks and hipsters have been designed with male comfort in mind — ensuring secure protection against urinary incontinence. This provides you with confidence and comfort throughout the day.

While incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of, it can be a source of anxiety for many. Our range of washable and reusable incontinence pants and pads for men will help you to live a more confident life, unphased by any potential leaks. If you’re looking for reliable and trusted men’s incontinence products, then you’ve come to the right place!

Discreet, waterproof and absorbent men’s incontinence solutions

Urinary incontinence affects a larger amount of Australian men than you might think — up to 20% or 1 in 5 Aussie men. There are a few reasons for this, including prostate disease and age. However, once you get to know your body and understand what to expect, it is easier to take back control of your life. That’s why Night N Day Comfort created a complete range of washable and reusable incontinence pants and pads for men. We understand that incontinence can happen to anyone at any age, but there’s no reason it should stop you from living your best life.

Night N Day Comfort’s range of men’s incontinence products includes regular looking underwear, full waterproof and absorbent all-in-one pants, incontinence swimwear, shorts and skorts and even onesies! Our amazing range will give you the freedom to choose the product that best fits you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Different styles offer different levels of protection. The BONDS® Hipster underwear for men comes with a sewn-in incontinence pad that can hold either up to 100ml or 400ml depending on your level of leakage. These light incontinence pants are recommended for day wear.

Other products, such as our all in one products, can be worn through the day or during the night — offering protection against heavy incontinence.

With a large range of different styles and different levels of protection for both urinary and faecal (fecal) incontinence, you’ll be sure to find something a solution that works for you.

Hit the beach or pool with incontinence swimwear

Did you know that Night N Day Comfort are the inventors of incontinence swimwear? Our range of incontinence swimmers will provide you with the confidence to head out to the pool, hydrotherapy or the beach knowing that you’re properly supported! Stress free incontinence swimwear.

With assistance from the NSW Government, we have developed incontinence swimwear that is discreet, waterproof and absorbent – ideal for incontinence when swimming. Night N Day’s incontinence swimwear can be worn and used in all swimming and hydrotherapy pools. You can also wear them to the beach and during general leisure activities.

If you’re after a design that is both discreet and comfortable, you can’t go past our adult incontinence swim shorts. The special design of these washable and reusable incontinence swim shorts provides you with guaranteed peace of mind every time you get into the water. Our adult swimmers for incontinence offer double-elastic legs, an elastic waist with draw-string ties and an in-built pad. All of these features combine to provide you with the peace of mind you need to keep enjoying the things you love. Whether you want to get to the beach on the weekend or simply stay fit and healthy at the local pool, these incontinence swim shorts will remain waterproof, absorbent and leak-free - guaranteed!

For those after a different style, we also offer an adult’s incontinence swimming nappy and even a swim skort, too! Similar to the incontinence swim shorts, they also feature elastic legs, elastic waist and a built-in (non-removable) incontinence pad for a stress-swim.

Guaranteed waterproof and machine washable

All of Night N Day Comfort’s incontinence pants and pads are designed to be washed and reused. Caring for your new incontinence pants is also incredibly easy. Our reusable incontinence pants and pads for men are machine washable and can even be tumble dried.

All of our products have also been designed to neutralise odours. This means there’s no need to worry about any uncomfortable smells, so you can enjoy every day with confidence in your Night N Day Comfort incontinence pants.

Shop men’s incontinence pants with Night N Day Comfort

Night N Day Comfort is Australia’s number 1 brand of innovative washable and reusable incontinence products. Shop our range of reusable and washable incontinence pants and pads for men with confidence, knowing that you’re investing in high-quality solutions that are made in Australia and designed to last.

Do you have questions about our reusable and washable incontinence pants and pads for men? Feel free to reach out and contact us today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help - there’s no such thing as a silly question!