Waterproof & Absorbent Incontinence Pads, Insertable

SKU: D10
IA Stock Code: 16260900
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BS Product Number: 302905
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Length, Capacity: D10 (30cm, 150mL)
Color: White
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Light Absorbency

gender, male, female, unisex



Waterproof and Absorbent incontinence pads / inserts

Anatomically shaped, the incontinence pad provides comfortable and functional waterproof and absorbent protection against urinary and faecal leakage.

Absorbent: Yes, full-absorbent incontinence pad
Capacity: Various capacities (see chart)
Waterproof: Yes, full-waterproof ribbing and backing
Length and Capacity: See Sizing Chart
Recommended use:

  • Light incontinence and/or Heavy incontinence
  • Urinary incontinence and/or Faecal incontinence

SS -
Extra Small
S - Small
M - Medium
L - Large

Proudly Australian Made

Code Capacity Length Width at widest front Width at widest back Width at narrowest
D15 300mL 42cm 16.5cm 17cm 13cm
AQ2122WP 500mL 44cm 19.5cm 19cm 15cm
D25 450mL 49cm 22cm 21.5cm 17cm
D26 400mL 48cm 21cm 25.5cm 16cm
D35 600mL 59cm 24.5cm 28.5cm 21cm
D36 1,000mL 73cm 20.5cm 27.5cm 15cm

Washing & Care Instructions

Good news! Caring for your products is super easy; they're machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly, however there are some important points to note when washing your products:

We recommend that any new products are washed at least once prior to first-use. The product’s performance (rate of absorbency) will increase with washing up to the first 5 washes and then their performance will stay at this level until wash 250 - at least!Most importantly:

NO Softeners
NO Bleaches

DO NOT Hand Wash
DO NOT Wring-Out


Don't worry! Our products are odour neutralising. However, if you're experiencing smells or stains we recommend using baking soda along with vinegar to absorb and neutralise any smells or odours and help remove stains:

Wash the products in a washing machine set on cold or lukewarm water.

Specifically for washing to remove any smells;

  • Do not add laundry detergent for this washing
  • Do not use hot water if trying to remove specific smells or odours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cheryl B. (AU)
Very good
Sizing: True to Size
Awesome products and service

Purchased molicare XL 8 drop pants. Very comfy and customer service is excellent. Will definitely order again

Judy U. (AU)

Unfortunately they were much wider than I had expected and so were too big for my use but they are well made & may be suitable for others.
I think that you should enter the width and thickness as well as the length of each product on the web.

Very good
Sizing: True to Size
Good product bigger than expected

Good reusable pad bigger then expected not suitable for day use mainly night use on how thick and big it is

Angela H. (AU)
Very good
Sizing: True to Size
Handy and discreet

They have been a bonus for sure, very pleased with the quality, only draw back is the placement of the tag. Wish it had bee stitched under the pad rather than at the end of it

Christine V.G. (AU)
Unconvinced at the first though

I didn't really think to buy reusable pads. How remove the stain, the odour?
Easy in fact: washing machine with sanitiser like Pine & Clean lavender.