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Incontinence Bed Pads & Mattress Protectors

We offer a complete range of bedding and mattress protectors for incontinence as well as our famous range of waterproof bed linen.
From incontinence bed pads (with or without tuck-in flaps) to the highest quality and most comfortable waterproof bed linen including waterproof pillow case, fitted waterproof sheets, waterproof quilt and doona (duvet) covers.
Our range is designed perfect for the bedroom and overnight use to ensure a dry, comfortable and restful nights sleep.

Bedtime, nighttime and sleeping can be a challenge for people of all ages who suffer from incontinence. That’s why Night N Day Comfort have created a range of innovative washable and reusable incontinence products for children and adults. From incontinence bed pads, to waterproof bedding for incontinence. Night N Day offers a wide range of options and solutions for those who need waterproof and absorbent bed protection.

Incontinence bed pads give you peace of mind at night

If you or a loved one suffer from incontinence, then you will no doubt worry about leakages at night. Even with the right pads or underwear, leaks can still happen on the bad nights, so it’s worth using one of our incontinence bed pads for extra peace of mind. These pads are simply placed on top of your usual bedding, and they are waterproof backed and soft and absorbent against the skin, so even heavy leaks and accidents won’t wake you up and allow you to sleep with confidence..

Should any leaks occur during the night, our absorbent bed pads can absorb up to 3 litres of liquid, and they’re incredibly easy to clean — so pop them in the washing machine or tumble dryer and they’ll be ready to use over and over again.

An incontinence mattress protector can save you money

If you suffer from incontinence at night and require base layer mattress protection against leaks, stains or any smells then using a waterproof mattress protector is highly recommended. Mattresses are also very difficult to clean, as you usually need specialist cleaning products, and they take a long time to dry if they get damp or wet. 

Using a waterproof incontinence mattress protector ensures that any leakage from night-time incontinence doesn’t damage your mattress, keeping it clean and fresh. We offer a number of options including elasticised waterproof covers, which are perfect for small leaks, as well as absorbent options which are easy to launder and reuse.

Waterproof bedding for incontinence that’ll give you a good night’s sleep

At Night N Day Comfort, you can find a wide range of waterproof bedding for incontinence, with lots of useful solutions to make life easier.

Find waterproof pillow protectors to keep your pillows and cushions safe in the event of leaks, spills and overnight incontinence, as well as 100% waterproof doonas or quilts, which prevent any fluid from soaking into them meaning that you’ll never have to wash a soiled quilt or doona ever again! Pillows and quilts are extremely difficult to launder and putting on a cover means you’re much less likely to need to clean them after a little accident.

Our waterproof fitted sheets are easy to use and a simple solution for night-time protection. Choose from a range of colours and sizes in our online store. These waterproof bed sheets look exactly like a standard fitted sheet, and are silky, whisper quiet and comfortable to sleep on.

The best thing about our waterproof bedding for incontinence is that it feels just like normal bedding. In the past, waterproof bedding was often made of plastic-type materials, which were noisy, hot, and uncomfortable. People experiencing incontinence often found them embarrassing to use. At Night N Day Comfort, we’ve created an amazing range of waterproof bedding that’s soft to the touch and whisper-quiet, so you aren’t kept awake by rustling sounds.

Incontinence bed pads can be used by anyone

Our incontinence bed pads are suitable for all ages, and you can find a waterproof and absorbent bed pad in all sorts of sizes, from short single to king size, meaning both kids and adults can use them and there is a solution available for any bed size. Whether it’s for occasional bedwetting, or a regular, ongoing condition, our bed pads are a simple, unobtrusive solution.

There are lots of uses for our incontinence bed pads. They can be used on any surface where you need protection, either day or night. Many people use them during the day to protect their furniture, or to provide extra protection when they use their wheelchair. We also offer a range of chair pads, which give you the same high levels of absorbency, and the addition of ties, so they can be attached to any chair and won’t slip or slide off.

Our reusable waterproof bed protection saves you money

While there are many disposable and single-use products available on the market, in the long-term, you save money by using reusable products. Our waterproof bed protection is designed to be washed and reused over and over, so when you compare this to the cost of single use, you spend less. Reusable incontinence bed pads and other products are also better for the environment. You avoid sending piles of used pads to landfill by opting for reusable goods.

At Night N Day Comfort, we’ve created a range of bedding for those who suffer from incontinence, so you can sleep comfortably. Not only does this bedding range feel great to sleep in, it also offers protection from any leaks, with high levels of absorbency when you need it most. It’s also all manufactured in Australia so you can be assured of quality. Shop online today with Night N Day Comfort for all of your incontinence bedding needs.