Waterproof & Absorbent Floor Pad


Size: Small (75x90cm)
Colour: Light Blue
Sale price$59.95

OR pay $14.99 in 4 installments with

Waterproof & Absorbent Floor Pad

Waterproof and absorbent floor pad, low profile with non slip waterproof backing, suitable for any floor or surface - bedroom, bathroom and beyond.

A waterproof and absorbent floor pad. Absorbent upper layer with waterproof, non-slip backing. This absorbent floor pad is suitable for any floor or surface, and is capable of absorbing up to 2 litres whilst still remaining waterproof.

Super soft, long-wearing brushed polyester upper layer. Non-slip waterproof backing. Low profile.

Waterproof: YES

Absorbent: YES

Working Capacity: up to 2000ml (2 Litres/68 Oz)

Colours: Light Blue

Proudly Australian Made

Washing & Care Instructions

Good news! Caring for your products is super easy; they're machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly, however there are some important points to note when washing your products:

We recommend that any new products are washed at least once prior to first-use. The product’s performance (rate of absorbency) will increase with washing up to the first 5 washes and then their performance will stay at this level until wash 250 - at least!

For all products:

  • Turn them inside out and wash your products inside out
  • Rinse the soiled garments if required
  • Wash in a diluted sanitising solution - such as a normal laundry detergent - in the washing machine below 70°C (cold or lukewarm water is best). Don't over-do it - less is best!
  • Rinse well
  • Spin Dry
  • If required, tumble dry below 70°C
  • Alternatively, hang dry on a clothes line

Most importantly:




Don't worry! Our products are odour neutralising.
However, if you're experiencing smells or stains we recommend using baking soda along with vinegar to absorb and neutralise any smells or odours and help remove stains:

Wash the products in a washing machine set on cold or lukewarm water.

Specifically for washing to remove any smells;
Do not add laundry detergent for this washing.
Do not use hot water if trying to remove specific smells or odours.

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