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Waterproof & Absorbent Floor Pad

  • $49.95

Waterproof and absorbent floor pad, low profile with non slip waterproof backing, suitable for any floor or surface - bedroom, bathroom and beyond.
A waterproof and absorbent floor pad. Absorbent upper layer with waterproof, non-slip backing. This absorbent floor pad is suitable for any floor or surface, and is capable of absorbing up to 2 litres whilst still remaining waterproof.
Super soft, long-wearing brushed polyester upper layer. Non-slip waterproof backing. Low profile.
Waterproof: YES
Absorbent: YES
Working Capacity: up to 2000ml (2 Litres/68 Oz)
Sizing: See Photos or Sizing Chart
Proudly 100% Australian Made

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