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Buy Period Underwear Online from the Leakage Experts

We boast the highest absorbency Period Proof Underwear in the world. Menstrual underwear that can be used day and night. They are designed to used on their own (without the use of disposables or alternative aids) however, they can be used in conjunction with other menstrual products.

Period underwear is washable underwear that is designed to absorb your period. Night N Day has the highest absorbency period-proof and leak-proof underwear in the world. You’re able to use your period panties during the day and overnight, too! With their high absorbency you can finally ditch disposable pads, liners and tampons and don’t need any other menstrual products to be used with them. Our menstrual underwear is also suitable for light incontinence (LBL) since the pad that is sewn into the panties is super discreet, waterproof, absorbent, leak-proof, and odour neutralising - guranteed!

Period underwear for girls

Night N Day has partnered with your favourite underwear brands - including BONDS® - the famous Aussie brand that makes some of our favourite and very comfy undies. Our period underwear for girls includes the famous BONDS® bikini briefs. These period panties for girls and smaller sized women are made from 100% brushed cotton. That means they offer the ultimate comfort against your skin. With a range of bright, cheerful colours, girls will feel stylish and trendy in these hipster-style pants - and be confident all day!

As well as being a delight to wear, these pants are designed to absorb the flow during your period. Sewn inside the crotch area of each panty is a discreet absorbent pad. The pad has a leak-free, 100% waterproof backing to protect you from any embarrassing leaks. When you need to wash the panties, simply rinse them if required, and put them in the washing machine!

Different absorbencies for different flows

Choose your size and absorbency according to your flow. Sizes start at 2-3 years (moreso for toilet training young girls) and go up to 14-16 years - plus we have a full range for plus-sized ladies, too! Choose 100ml for lighter leaks or 250ml for heavier periods and light bladder leakage - or have several pairs for different days. Packs of four are also available.

Some girls prefer shortie-style (boyleg) panties to bikini briefs. Night N Day has black boy-leg period undies for kids in three absorbencies: 100ml, 250ml, and 400ml.

Full, midi and bikini briefs for night and day time use

Women looking for day time use period underwear in Australia want a choice of styles and absorbencies. At Night N Day, that’s what you get. We know that not all women are the same, and not every day of your cycle is the same.

As well as bikini briefs and shorties for girls, we have Women’s side seam free Comfytails briefs in three different fits. Choose from full, midi or bikini briefs. All three styles are available with a 100ml or 250ml leak-free pad sewn in and available in black or nude - sized 8 to 18.

We also have the more traditional Ladies Full-brief Cottontail which are available in black or white in sizes 12 to 28 with a 100ml or 400ml leak proof pad sewn-in.

Why buy women’s reusable menstrual underwear?

Disposable pads and sanitary care products have to be thrown away and go straight to landfill, meaning that you’re not only sending more rubbish to landfill but also adding to your environmental footprint and the environmental burden. In addition, the cost of buying disposable products gets very expensive very quickly! Reusable period underwear is designed to be washed in the washing machine and used again and again and again.

When you buy our Women’s period underwear, you will no longer need to buy sanitary pads, tampons, liners, or even a menstrual cup. When you have your period, the leak proof pad in your period proof underwear will absorb your flow.

How to wear them

We recommend that when you receive your period undies, you try them on for size over the top of your normal pants. If you’re happy that they fit, pop your undies straight in the wash. This is because you should wash your period panties before first-use for best results and performance. Every time you wash them for the first five washes, their performance will increase. They will then offer this level of performance for 250 washes - at least!

Washable period undies in Aus

Your washable period underwear is designed to be washed in the washing machine. After use, turn them inside out, and rinse if required. Then you put your undies in the washing machine. Select a cold or lukewarm wash with a rinse and spin cycle. You can use normal laundry detergent in your washing machine or a diluted sanitising solution. When you take your period panties out of the washing machine, hang them on the line to dry or put them in the tumble dryer. We don’t recommend exposing your Night N Day undies to temperatures over 70ºC.

As well as menstrual underwear, Night N Day manufactures incontinence underwear, incontinence swimming pants, waterproof bed linen, bed sheets, bed pads and mattress protectors. All of our products are made right here in Sydney, Australia. We pride ourselves on quality, Australian made products and expert customer service both pre and post-sale.

If you have any queries, please never hesitate call us on (02) 9531 2011, email us on or send us a message. All the details you need are on our Contact Us page.

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