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Adult's Double Incontinence Brief, 300ml

  • $34.95

Women's, Men's, Adult's Unisex Double Incontinence Brief underwear with waterproof and absorbent incontinence pad sewn-in.
100% brushed cotton against the skin of a specially designed, double-flared-ended waterproof and absorbent incontinence pad sewn-in
Discreet. Normal. Waterproof. Absorbent. Ideal light incontinence product for day use.

Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Absorbent: Yes (flared-pad area only)
Capacity: 300ml
Waterproof: Yes (flared-pad area only, a leak-free waterproof backing)
Pad: Sewn-in (non-removable)
Recommended use: Light urinary and faecal incontinence
Sizing: See Photos or Sizing Chart
Code: BP30

100% Australian Made

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