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Insertable Soaker Incontinence Pads (non-waterproof)

  • $14.95

Kid's and Adult's Unisex absorbent soaker incontinence pads / inserts, non-waterproof.
Anatomically shaped the incontinence pad provides comfortable and functional absorbency and additional capacity against urinary and faecal leakage.
Absorbent. Ideal absorbent soaker/booster/insert incontinence pad.
Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Absorbent: Yes, full-absorbent incontinence pad
Capacity: Various capacities (see chart)
Waterproof: NO, use in conjunction with a waterproof product
Against the Skin: 100% brushed cotton
Length and Capacity:  See Sizing Chart
Recommended use: Light incontinence and/or Heavy incontinence
Recommended use: Urinary incontinence and/or Faecal incontinence

Proudly Australian Made

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