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Adult's Waterproof Pant Pad Holder, Pull up

  • $34.95

Full-Waterproof Pant Pad Holder
Pouched mesh-lining designed to hold and support an incontinence pad - removable and replaceable, washable or disposable.
Discreet. Versatile. Waterproof. Secure. Easy Change.

Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Absorbent: NO, recommended to be used with an incontinence pad
Pad Support: YES, this product is designed to hold an incontinence pad
Our Recommended Incontinence Pad Inserts: AQ21s, AQ21, D21, D22, AQ2122s, AQ2122, D23
Waterproof: Yes, Full-waterproof outer layer
Recommended use: with absorbent incontinence pad, incontinence aid (non-waterproof recommended)
Sizing: See Sizing Chart
Code: PP


Please try the garment on for size over underwear to ensure fit prior to use. Once you have confirmed the fit is firm but comfortable, we recommend that the product is washed up to five times before use to increase the product's performance, then the performance will stay at this level until wash 250 - at least!

Proudly Australian Made

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