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Adult's Waterproof Pant Pad Holder, Pull up

  • $34.95

Full-Waterproof Pant Pad Holder
Pouched mesh-lining designed to hold and support an incontinence pad - removable and replaceable, washable or disposable.
Discreet. Versatile. Waterproof. Secure. Easy Change.

Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Absorbent: NO, recommended to be used with an incontinence pad
Pad Support: YES, this product is designed to hold an incontinence pad
Our Recommended Incontinence Pad Inserts: AQ21s, AQ21, D21, D22, AQ2122s, AQ2122, D23
Waterproof: Yes, Full-waterproof outer layer
Recommended use: with absorbent incontinence pad, incontinence aid (non-waterproof recommended)
Sizing: See Photos or Sizing Chart
Code: PP

Proudly Australian Made

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