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Women's Moderate Absorbency Waterproof Incontinence Pad

  • $19.95

Women'swaterproof and absorbent incontinence pads, period pads and inserts.
Anatomically shaped for the Female anatomy; the incontinence pad provides comfortable and functional waterproof and absorbent protection against light-to-moderate urinary incontinence leakage and menstrual flow (use dark pad).
Waterproof. Absorbent. Ideal light incontinence pad or period pad.

Brand: Night N Day Comfort
Absorbent: Yes, full-absorbent inner-layer
Capacity: 100ml or 400ml (you choose)
Waterproof: Yes, full-waterproof ribbing and backing
Against the Skin: 100% brushed cotton
Length: 31cm
Recommended use: Light urinary incontinence, Period Pad
Recommended use: Day Time Use

Proudly Australian Made

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