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Waterproof and Absorbent Clothing Protector, Bib

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Adult's Waterproof and Absorbent Clothing Protector, "Bib"
This clothing protector has an upper-surface of soft-to-touch, highly-absorbent terry towelling with a waterproof backing to ensure complete protection and peace of mind for the Wearer - and/or Carer - during feeding, drinking and general day-to-day use and wear.
Metal stud-fastening at the shoulder allows for easy change and removable whilst also eliminating any potential choking hazard.
Absorbent. Waterproof. Velcro-Fastening. Secure. Machine Washable. Reusable.
Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Fastening: Metal stud-Fastening at Shoulder
Absorbent: YES, 400ml
Waterproof: YES, waterproof backing
Recommended use: Suitable for Feeding, Drinking, Excess Saliva, etc.
Sizing: 35x65cm or Custom Made
Code: BIB

Proudly Australian Made

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