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Incontinence pads washable and reusable

There are two types of washable and reusable incontinence pads that we sell;

Waterproof Incontinence Pads

which have a soft-to-touch brushed cotton upper-layer (against the skin) with a waterproof backing to protect any outer-wear being worn. Waterproof edging around the peanut-shaped waterproof incontinence pads are used to ensure maximum security, efficiency and effectiveness.

Soaker Incontinence Pads and Booster Incontinence Pads
which have a soft-to-touch brushed cotton or towel upper-layer (against the skin), however this type of incontinence pad does not have any waterproof backing and is used to increase or ´boost´ the absorbency of an ´All-in-One´ incontinence pant or used in conjunction with a waterproof pant or plastic pant.

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