Washing and laundry instructions for Minappi Night´N´Day incontinence products

All Minappi Night´N´Day incontinence pads, incontinence pants and incontinence products available for purchase via our web store are washable and reusable and will last 200+ washes when washed and worn correctly.

When washing Minappi Night´N´Day incontinence products, it is recommended that you:
- Rinse the soiled incontinence aid(s) or product(s)
- Wash in prepared sanitising solution BELOW 70°C (158 °F)
- Rinse well, spin dry
- Tumble dry BELOW 70°C (158 °F) or hang on clothes line

NO chlorine bleaches
- NO fabric softeners
- DO NOT iron

If you wish to use a sanitising solution, we recommend an Oxygen Bleach (environmentally safe for humans, animals and plants) and remember; less is best.

Look after your incontinence products and they will look after you!