What is a plastic incontinent pant?

The term ´plastic pant,´ ´plastic diaper´ or ´plastic pad´ refers to the waterproof PUL (poly-urethane laminate or‘plastic’) fabric outer-layer in waterproof incontinent pants and incontinent pads.

The PUL fabric is not only an extremely effective waterproofing, but alsobreathes (ensuring the wearer is comfortable) and does not rustle or turnbrittle as normal plastic incontinent pants may do.
Plastic pants come in two varieties;
1) All-In-One absorbent incontinent pants
These incontinent pants have an absorbent inner-layer and a waterproof/plasticouter layer ensuring no leaks and no mess
2) Lined or Unlined
These waterproof only pants have no absorbency and require either;
i) An absorbent pant (which is not waterproof) to be wornunderneath incontinent pad, or;
ii) Incontinent soaker pad to be inserted into the plastic pant

Important points

- Our ´plastic pants´ ´breathe,´ and are flexible/non-restricting, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer

- Our ´plastic pants´ are soft-to-touch, feeling like brushed cotton

- Our ´plastic pants´ are quiet; they do not rustle or have that ´plastic´ sound as do some pants available on the market

- Our ´plastic pants´ are 100% waterproof (not only splash proof)

- Our ´plastic pants´ are washable & reusable with a life of 200+ washes

- Our ´plastic pants´ do not become brittle over time, ensuring they have a long life (200+ washes)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are nappy liners for?

It is a fibre that creates a dry layer next to your skin.

What do plastic pants do?

Plastic pants are worn over a nappy to prevent solid or liquid leaks.