There are two types of washable and reusable incontinence pants that we sell;

Primarily for urinary incontinence and light faecal incontinence, our light incontinence pants provide absorbencies (working capacities) from 100mL, up to 450mL.
These ´light´ incontinence pants are made from normal cotton fabric and have an absorbent, waterproof pad sewn-in to the crutch.
Our incontinence pants look and feel like ´normal´ underwear, whilst providing the wearer with discreet security, protection and comfort from any bladder leakage via the waterproof and absorbent pad inside the pant at the crutch.
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Able to cater for heavy urinary incontinence and heavy faecal incontinence, our heavy incontinence pants provide absorbencies (working capacities) from 400mL up to 1,000mL (1 Litre).
The ´heavy´ incontinence pants have a soft-to-touch brushed cotton inner-lining (against the skin) for maximum comfort, whilst having a 100% waterproof outside layer/barrier to prevent any leakage.
Elasticised legs and elastic waist ensure a secure fit and maximum comfort with added leakage protection.
Please note that the waterproof fabric is made from a poly-urethane laminate (PUL).
The PUL fabric is not only an extremely effective waterproof barrier, but also ´breathes´ (ensuring the wearer is comfortable and does not become warm or uncomfortable) and the fabric does not rustle or turn brittle over time as normal plastic incontinent pants may do.
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Important points
- Our light and heavy incontinence pants are washable & reusable with a life of 200+ washes (guaranteed when following our care instructions)
- Our ´plastic pants´ are 100% waterproof (not only splash proof)
- Our ´plastic pants´ ´breathe,´ and are flexible/non-restricting, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer
- Our ´plastic pants´ are soft-to-touch, feeling like brushed cotton
- Our ´plastic pants´ are quiet; they do not rustle or have that ´plastic´ sound as do some pants available on the market
- Our ´plastic pants´ do not become brittle over time, ensuring they have a long life (200+ washes)