World Continence Week 2021

NIGHT N DAY is helping to raise awareness this World Continence Week 2021. Did you know that there are more than one million men in Australia who are affected by incontinence?

The Continence Foundation of Australia reports a study has found that 1 in every 10 males in Australia of all ages are affected by incontinence.

The study of Australian men with continence issues revealed:

    To help bring awareness of the mental health issues raised by those affected, the Continence Foundation of Australia has launched a “Bins4Blokes” campaign: Bins4Blokes

    As a manufacturer of washable & reusable solutions, our incontinence products - particularly our incontinence underwear - are environmentally-friendly and eliminate the use of disposable pads.

    However, Men that use disposable products are not currently being supported!

    The campaign is calling on councils, businesses and sports clubs to install incontinence product bins in all male toilets.

    This would be similar to the bins available in women’s toilets for period pads and tampons, etc.

    All people, regardless of what gender, need and deserve to have a comfortable and discreet way to dispose of pads and pants. The provision of bins could help in the process of solving mental health and confidence issues surrounding what should not be a taboo subject regarding continence.



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