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Tips: How To Choose The Right Incontinence Pants

Thanks to NIGHT N DAY, choosing the right incontinence product doesn’t have to be a stressful, confusing or expensive experience, especially when you’re looking to buy incontinence products online.

At NIGHT N DAY we’re here to help you find the right product and provide help and advice when choosing the right incontinence pants.
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Where to get the right advice on how to start choosing the right incontinence pants

If you’re just starting out on choosing the right incontinence pants, it is best to determine the amount (volume) and type of incontinence (urinary and/or faecal) of incontinence that you’re experiencing which will have a direct impact on what product is the best fit for your individual needs.

Heavy vs light incontinence, Disposable vs. washable products

If you experience heavy or severe incontinence leakage (i.e. little or no bladder or bowel control) you will find that there are only disposable incontinence products available to you as a solution. This is because disposable incontinence products utilise gels, saps and powders when absorbing heavy incontinence leaks. This disposable technology is super-absorbent when compared to a washable incontinence product.

Washable and reusable incontinence products rely on multiple layers of fabrics and materials in order to absorb (as well as provide waterproof protection). While this technology is incredibly discreet, comfortable and absorbent, a reusable product’s overall capacity is directly correlated to the amount of material used. This creates bulk and in many cases, unwanted thickness. The higher the capacity of a washable product, the bulkier the product becomes, and there is only so much material you can use before the product becomes too bulky and begins to reduce comfort, mobility, how slim-lined and discreet a product is and therefore its overall function.

As a rule of thumb; a reusable product will be a potential solution up until 1 Litre (1,000mL) - 1.6 Litres (1,600mL), after which disposable incontinence pants will be your only option.

Pull-ups, pull-on pants vs. open-style products

We mentioned earlier that not only is volume important when choosing the right incontinence pants but that the type of incontinence leakage being experienced is also very important in the overall decision making process.

If urinary incontinence is the only leakage (and there is little-to-no bowel leakage) then a pull-up incontinence pant will be a fantastic potential solution. Pull-up incontinence pants promote mobility and speed of change and are the most frequently used amongst Clients with high levels of independence and mobility.

If bowel or faecal incontinence leakage is being experienced, we recommend that an open-style product (or ‘slip’ product) is used. An open-style product utilises tab-fastening often located at the sides of the waist or hip which use velcro-style adhesive strips which are able to be opened or closed and fastened accordingly.

While these tab-fastening, open-style incontinence products often require two people to apply the product, or the Client to be laying down, it is a great solution to those who have limited mobility or faecal incontinence. This is because the product is able to be peeled away from the body instead of ‘pulled up’ or ‘pulled down’ which runs the risk of faecal smearing and associated issues when removing a soiled incontinence product. While some disposable pull-up pants offer tearable or rip-able sides - to facilitate ease of change as well as a clean removal - they are still more difficult and more risky to remove than an open-style product.

To confirm, the same logic applies as above. If the leakage is severe then we recommend a disposable product however there are fantastic washable and reusable pull-up incontinence pants or open-style incontinence products for moderate-to-heavy leakage.

Due to the nature of washable and reusable incontinence products we are unable to provide free samples, however we offer a product finder to help you choose the best fitting and most suitable products, as well as amazing customer service via phone, e-mail and chat - never hesitate to contact us.

If you are struggling to choose the right incontinence pants or pads, or for general help and advice, please never hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We pride ourselves on first-class customer service and expert advice that will help you choose the right incontinence pants and pads.

If you’re unsure how to properly find or measure your waist measurement you can read our guide on  How??? or simply keep reading and we go into further detail below on how to obtain your measurements or where the correct part of the body is to measure.

How to measure incontinence pants? Are you unsure of the best fitting size?

If you’re unsure of your waist measurement in centimetres, we have a measurement sheet and youtube guide that you’re able to follow.

Did you also know we offer custom made washable and reusable incontinence products?

As above, if your level of incontinence (volume of fluid lost over a 4 hour period) is no more than 1-1.6L, a washable and reusable incontinence product may be the answer! By providing us with your measurements, we are either able to recommend the best fitting size or we are able to custom make a product to fit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are still uncertain about your measurements, or how to choose the right incontinence pants and pads.

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Should you require any product assistance … We have a complete range & also custom make a range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

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NIGHT N DAY is a registered NDIS provider.


Should you require any product assistance … Did you know that we manufacture a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

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