What waterproof material do you use with your incontinence pants?

We’re often asked about the waterproof material used in our incontinence products, incontinence pads and incontinence pants. Indeed, it plays a major part in our products…

Firstly, why we use the waterproof material…

Some washable and reusable incontinence pads have a waterproof backing and edging, and our heavier washable and reusable incontinence pants have an external waterproof layer/barrier/shield which ensures that any outerwear, chairs/equipment or bedding remain dry, (please note: when a waterproof pant has an in-built absorbency it is referred to as an ‘All-in-One’ garment).

The waterproof material is used in order to;
- Protect any outer wear being worn from any liquids/accidents
- Ensure that any waterproof incontinence pads hold and retain any fluid/leakage/accident (particularly in the case of our waterproof incontinence pads with waterproof edging)
- Ensure that a pant is 100% waterproof and will hold and retain any fluid/leakage/accident and thus, will not leak

So, what is the waterproof that you use?

The waterproof material that we use in all of our waterproof incontinence products is a Poly-urethane laminate (PUL).

The PUL fabric is not only an extremely effective waterproofing, but also ‘breathes‘ (ensuring the wearer is comfortable) and does not rustle and does not become brittle over time as cheaper ‘plastic’ or waterproof incontinent products may.

Our waterproof fabric is 100% guaranteed not to leak*

* When garments washed in accordance with our washing / care instructions

Where can I buy?

- To purchase waterproof incontinence pads, please click here
- To purchase cotton underpants with a waterproof incontinence pad, please click here- To purchase waterproof ‘plastic’ pants, please click here
- To purchase absorbent waterproof ‘plastic’ pants, please click here

More information

For more information on waterproof incontinence pads and incontinence pants please click here

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