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These nappies we got for my daughter and they are absolutely perfect for her

Works great

I have a very incontinent patent and these are the only ones that can handle thier “volume”


Great cream

Wonderful product!

My son loves these and they give him so much more confidence when at school. They are well made and do the job perfectly. Also being Bonds makes him feel like he's wearing more normal underwear which is important for a teen boy.

Very good
Sizing: True to Size
mens bonds hipster with incontinence pad

These underwear are unreal. Comfortable and so helpful.

Very good
Sizing: True to Size

Love these undies for my Down Syndrome son, awesome.
Keeps him dry all day

Unscented Shampoo Caps

So relieved to find these! My daughter has severe sensory sensitivities and is bedbound. We washed hair with an inflatable basin for a while but it was too much for her - at last an alternative that works for her!

Molicare premium mobile

True to size, holds plenty a fluid. Well made. Would recommend.

Best ever toilet trainers....

Miss 9 years old loves these ... we have gone from struggle to get her to wear undies to wearing these everyday ... The best product out and Sensory friendly too... We will only be using these from now on


As my son is autistic it is hard during the night to get him up, these pullups make things easier

Great for nappy rash

Use this for Bub’s nappy rash when zinc based creams don’t cut it.


These nappies are really good. My girl don't leak overnight while wearing them. She dont like undies but she will wear these nappies that look like undies hopefully it can hep is transition into undies easier.

Very good
Sizing: True to Size
Amazing product!

I love the waterproof mattress protector. It is the perfect solution for keeping your mattress in a pristine condition when you have young kids who refuse to wear nappies at night. it stays always in place and looks very smart. I highly recommend it.



Excellent product

I started using MoliCare 10 drops on my age care clients and it is absolutely fantastic in so many ways. Not only for the client but also for me as their carer. So I recommend MoliCare to my clients who struggle with incontinence.

Best pads ever


Not happy with insta DRY pads, the pad dry but you wet though, it's embarrassing especially when Secured to pants, to have to change because pad leakage it's more common, even in 12 hr pads, to 2 desert spoons of build find it under pad not on pad. As I had recently purchased patch 7322541486390, just warning that faulty product do happen. Especially when away for the day, always have backup.

Sizing: True to Size
Great product

Love the feel, no bulk, great fit

They’re very good and do what they say

Gives bedwetting teens back their security

Our nearly 16-year-old still wets at night, but with the typical absorbent pajama pants for teenagers, she always leaked. So we looked for an alternative. We were worried that she would be uncomfortable with a classic night diaper, but were surprised that she wanted to try a plain white Molicare Elastic: The size S could be fitted perfectly to her slim body with the tapes. The absorbent pad looks quite thick, but this gave our daughter a feeling of security. She sleeps perfectly comfortable and even a fully peed diaper still felt gently to her skin. The price is perfectly acceptable. We say: the best night diaper teens could wish for!


Excellent service and delivery time

Sleepy night pants

These night pull-ups work so well

Tena Products

Excellent product which has a very good leakage barriers, I vcan reccomend these to anyone for night time usage.


This is a great product. First used it in hospital. I googled the company and found I could get it delivered to me here in Australia. It’s soothing and makes me feel clean after use. Great for any one who is bed bound like me. Definitely recommend it.