Does Incontinence Swimwear Really Work?

Quite simply, YES, Night N Day incontinence swimwear really does work!

Incontinence swimwear is designed to hold and contain both urinary and faecal leaks. Our swimwear range has a unique pad-design which contours to the body and provides a safe-guard against the loss of any fluids, which are then captured and contained. Additionally, the fabric is chlorine resistant and has a rating of SFP50 to help block out harmful ultraviolet rays.

People who suffer from continence issues can feel embarrassed and lacking in confidence and therefore don’t participate in water activities such as swimming, which may include hydrotherapy. Our Night N Day Swimwear range can help restore your self-esteem and encourage you to try and participate in low-impact aquatic exercises and swimming.  

And how do we know incontinence swimwear really works? Because Rosie, the creator of Night N Day invented the very 1st pool containment pant which has stood the test of time for over 33 years!

Women's Incontinence Swimwear

Did you know we designed the world’s first incontinence SwimSkort? Rosie was a fashion designer and wanted to remove the stigma by making incontinence swimwear as fashionable as any other swim product. SwimSkorts are stylish and gives you extra comfort in being discreet and looking fashionable at the same time! SwimSkort's are leak-free swim shorts with a skirt overlay. Made with, single-elastic legs, wide-elastic waist with an in-built containment pad designed to give you the reassurance you need for a safe, secure and stylish leak-free swim.


To see our full range of ladies incontinence swimwear, including girl's, you can Click Here.

Men's Incontinence Swimwear

Night N Day Swim shorts offer a unisex solution available in both adult and kids sizes. The swim shorts have a classic look and are available in a range of colours.

Our adult’s incontinence swimwear offers up to 400ml of absorbency which  includes swim shorts and styles for men, while our kids’ range of incontinence swimmers offers from 250-300ml, depending on the size - holding more than some incontinence pads - meaning you can enjoy the water for longer, while feeling confident that nothing is leaking. 

To see our full range of swimwear for Men, you can Click Here and for Boys you can Click Here.

Night N Day swimwear is recommended by doctors, nurses and therapists and approved to be used in swimming and hydrotherapy pools throughout Australia and around the world.


NIGHT N DAY is a registered NDIS provider.

Should you require any product assistance … Did you know that we manufacture a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

We're with you Night n Day 

If you have any questions about incontinence or want to know what incontinence products are the best for you or your loved one don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team

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