Bedwetting Solutions for Adults, Kids and Toddlers

Bedwetting can occur when the bladder muscles, also known as detrusor muscles, become overactive. This is commonly known as bedwetting and is also known as nocturnal enuresis.

Bedwetting - or nocturnal enuresis - usually occurs when the bladder empties involuntarily whilst asleep and the person is not awake or aware at the time.

As children get older, if they wet their bed, they quite often feel it impacts on their self-esteem and confidence. They can experience mixed emotions of being embarrassed, upset, frustrated, angry and many other feelings which can be an emotional burden on them.

Parents quite often feel the emotional pain that their child may be experiencing, raising major concerns for what their child is quietly going through.

If their child is invited for a sleepover or a school camp, the child may become anxious or experience anxiety and not want to risk their friends or family to discover what they consider highly embarrassing; if they were to have an accident and wet the bed.

Bedwetting Solutions for Adults & Toddlers

Bedwetting can be improved, or possibly even cured, with treatment. If the condition cannot be cured altogether, there is the potential to reduce any bedwetting and therefore lead to keeping bedding dry overnight.

Bedwetting solutions

For young children there are many products and medication available to help young children with bedwetting issues, such as:  
Bedwetting Alarm & Medication

How to stop bedwetting in Adults

It is recommended to keep a diary of the frequency of any bedwetting incidents that you are experiencing. If it is something new or recent, it is recommended that you consult a doctor to ensure that it is not associated with an infection or a related issue.

For those who have been experiencing bedwetting for an extended prior (i.e. many years or since childhood), there are many incontinence products available. These incontinence products may be absorbent underwear and incontinence pads or, specifically for bedwetting, absorbent bed pads and waterproof bed linen. These incontinence products may be washable and reusable or single-use disposable continence aids.

How to preserve and keep your mattress clean after bedwetting
Mattresses can be a very expensive investment and, as mentioned above, there are washable or disposable incontinence bed pads available to absorb any overnight leakage experienced:


Absorbent bed pads with wings/tucks for Kids


 Absorbent bed pads with wings/tucks for Adults and Kids


 Absorbent bed pads for Kids, no wings

Absorbent bed pads for Adults and Kids, no wings

There is also a wide range of waterproof bed linen available that looks and feels like regular bed linen - except that it is 100% waterproof, washable and reusable:



Bedwetting during sleepovers and camps is also a frequent issue for our Clients. Click here to read our article on bedwetting solutions for sleepovers and camps for Children.

The Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) also have some good tips on sleepovers and camps: Click here.

How can I stop wetting the bed naturally?

Using NIGHT N DAY Comfort washable and reusable incontinence pants can be helpful in alerting the body and brain that an accident has occurred. The benefits of using a reusable product is that the brain will sense that there has been a leak and trigger the muscles to contract. This will train the muscles over time and potentially reduce the volume of any leakage with the long term goal of stopping wetting the bed naturally.

Follow the links below to learn more about biofeedback:

Click here to browse our range of overnight bedwetting pants.

At what age is bedwetting a problem?

Children usually show signs of being ready for potty training and toilet training around 18 months to 2 years old, however in some cases it may be older, closer to 3 years of age or even older.

In the majority of cases, children are usually fully toilet trained by the age of 5. However for some children, complete bladder control may take longer so don’t despair if it is taking your child that little bit longer.

As your child gets older and bladder control is an ongoing issue, other factors may need to be assessed and therefore addressed. We recommend consulting your GP.

What is bedwetting a sign of?

Bedwetting is a major sign of the inability or lack of voluntary control over bladder or bowel function throughout the night / whilst sleeping.

Persistent Primary Nocturnal Enuresis is a condition which starts to develop during childhood and may carry on into adulthood.

Adult Onset Secondary Enuresis is when at some point earlier in that person's life, they were able to remain dry through the night, however have since developed involuntary bladder release as they have grown older. 

Click here to view our full range of washable and reusable continence products and incontinence solutions!


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