Children's & Kiddies Bedwetting Pants

Children's & Kiddies Bedwetting Pants - Designed to improve your child's self esteem & confidence with the ultimate goal of toilet training and being toilet trained! 

NIGHT N DAY Comfort Kid’s Sleepover Pant - a washable and reusable, waterproof and absorbent underwear designed for bed wetting and toilet training.

For those inquiring about kids bedwetting pants and/or also kids toilet training pants, we get lots of people saying how happy they are that our Girl’s and Boy’s reusable sleepover incontinence underwear has helped their child’s self-esteem!

With one of the main points of feedback being that “they look just like a normal pair of undies!”

Our Night N Day washable reusable kiddies bedwetting pants are a popular relief for many children - and their parents!

Toilet training pants

The bedwetting pants can also be used to assist in children's toilet training.

Kid's Unisex Waterproof and Absorbent ('All-in-One') incontinence pants, featuring a discreet and 'regular' elastic waistband;

With soft-elastic at the legs and waist ensure a comfortable fit and secure waterproof and absorbent protection.

Our sleepover pant features an exposed (jacquard) elastic waistband which makes the product look just like normal underwear - the perfect solution for bed wetting on sleepovers and camps!

The Sleepover Pant’s ‘regular’ waistband will boost your Child’s confidence and self esteem if they’re getting changed in front of friends who won’t know that the body of the product is a full waterproof and absorbent underpants!

Waterproof. Absorbent. The ideal solution for overnight leakage and bedwetting - or even a discreet daytime solution against accidents!

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Did you know that we manufacture a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

We're with you Night n Day 

If you have any questions about incontinence or want to know what incontinence products are the best for you or your loved one don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team - there’s no such thing as a silly question!



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