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Urinary incontinence (UI) or light bladder leakage is the inability to hold or prevent the accidental leakage of urine. The risk of developing UI varies in girls and boys. At an earlier age, girls have more bladder control compared to boys, hence bed-wetting being more common in boys. However, in their adult life, more women experience incontinence due to anatomical differences associated with pelvic changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Nevertheless, an increasing number of men suffer from UI due to age.

Male incontinence products don't sound like a bloke’s perfect cup of tea. The mere mention of male diapers or incontinence pads due to the stigma and taboos surrounding incontinence. In the natural setting, it's permitted for women to use pads, albeit for different reasons

There are a wide range of incontinence products for men ranging from male incontinence pads, reusable underwear, catheters, incontinence pads for men and even penile clamps to. 

This article is specific to male incontinence underwear; the benefits of incontinence briefs and even determine what is the best incontinence underwear for men on the market.

What’s Men's Incontinence Underwear?

Men’s incontinence underwear is a washable and reusable undergarment designed to catch, hold and absorb urine leakage. This incontinence underwear is a direct alternative to the traditional disposable diapers or pants. Washable incontinence pads, pants and solutions gaining popularity mainly due to environmental concerns. Today's technology ensures that such products are designed to be re-used by re-washing to ease its impact on the environment and landfill. Despite UI being treatable, male incontinence pads can offer much needed protection from urine leakage. Incontinence can be caused by;

Stress incontinence is caused by involuntary actions such as sneezing, coughing, or heavy lifting, all of which put a lot of pressure on the bladder, causing it to leak.

Urge incontinence; the overwhelming urge to urinate, also known as involuntary incontinence.

Overflow incontinence characterized by the constant leaking or dribbling of urine (usually in small amounts over time).

Despite the negative perception of male incontinence pads, the benefits abound in their usage, and men are highly encouraged to begin wearing them as they seek treatment.

Benefits of Male Incontinence underwear

1) Higher Absorption Rates: There are many male incontinence pants that absorb urine and are an effective means of not only achieving dryness, but also prevent any skin integrity issues for the user. These male incontinence products are also designed to prevent any moisture transfer or the embarrassing situation where any outer-wear or clothing becomes soiled or saturated. These same male incontinence products will also offer odor control and a sense of safety and security.

2) Different Sizes: Due to the availability of different sizes (up to 6XL or 160cm), male incontinence underwear can be used by men with varying shapes and sizes since there's no one size fits all. There are even companies that offer custom made incontinence underwear for bariatric patients.

3) Just like regular underwear: Male incontinence underwear is usually manufactured with several semi-permeable sheets of light and highly absorbent and waterproof materials. Such features make them discreet and impossible for people to recognise the fact that they’re actually an incontinence pant. An example of this type of incontinence underwear is our BONDS range; allowing men to rest easy and stress-free.

4) Comfortable and Highly Economical: As they’re made from natural fibres, men's incontinence underwear are comfortable and don't get in the way of a man's day-to-day routine. Dryness and leak-free security offers a man the confidence to go on with his business without interruptions or fear of embarrassment. Further, the products are able to be re-washed just like the regular underpants, making mother nature and your wallet smile. 

There are many cheaper products made overseas and that claim to be Australian brands, so a keen eye is required lest you get the least value for your money.

Best Incontinence Underwear For Men

There are a lot of options out there which can become confusing. However, when individual preferences take center stage, and factors such as the absorption rate, maximum comfort, function, and performance the following are top six male incontinence pants based on reviews;

Incontinence is a global problem affecting over 6 million Australians and hundreds of millions worldwide. You are not alone! Don’t be afraid to seek help with their local doctor or continence nurse to ensure that they are in a position to get what addresses their needs effectively.

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