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Kids Incontinence Products & Underwear

Our Kid's range of washable and reusable incontinence solutions for Kids grows, supports and moves with your Child - not against them.
This range consists of our famous BONDS x Night N Day Comfort incontinence underwear collaboration, heavier incontinence pants, incontinence pads, incontinence swimwear and Onesies.
Our incontinence products are tailored toward Children from 2/3 years - 14/16 years and offers the most comfortable and secure protection against urinary incontinence and/or faecal (fecal) incontinence.

What should kids wear for incontinence?

Generally incontinence pads & pants are appropriate to help kids feel more comfortable

An immature bladder is a completely normal part of growing up. Kid’s muscles and the nerves in the urinary tract follow different growth timelines, which means that little accidents here and there are a common occurrence, with kids toilet training and becoming ‘dry’ developing at different rates across varying age groups - if at all. Whether toilet training little ones to leave their nappies behind or learning to manage and handle your Child’s incontinence, Night N Day Comfort has developed a range of incontinence products for kids that offers seamless protection during the day as well as kid’s bedwetting products for overnight use.

Founded in 1989, Night N Day Comfort has become Australia's leading manufacturer of washable and reusable kids incontinence products & underwear. We’ve partnered with renowned brands like BONDS to develop a line of innovative and discrete reusable incontinence undies for kids that will soak up any leaks and neutralise odours. The absorbent incontinence pad is sewn into your favourite BONDS undies making our washable incontinence pads for kids are comfortable, discreet and a major boost to confidence and a major reduction to any anxiety — for long-lasting protection against any minor mishaps or little leaks.

Briefs for care-free fun at school and home

If you’re looking to keep your little one comfortable and dry all day long, our range of incontinence underwear is great to wear to school, out and about or busy weekends for long-lasting protection. With 100% brushed cotton against the skin, our girls and boys' incontinence underwear are delicately and soft against the skin, and will effectively absorb their light leaks and accidents, their giggles and their dribbles.

For girls, their favourite BONDS bikini briefs are modified with our famous waterproof and absorbent incontinence pad, sewn-in to create a discreet and seamless ‘all-day protection’. With a capacity of up to 250mls of leaks, they also double as period underwear for not just leak-proof support but period-proof comfort. You’ll also find washable incontinence hipster briefs for kids - available for Girls and Boys in the famous BONDS hipster style - with a sewn-in pad that can handle up to 400mls of liquid!

Our Boy’s BONDS Guy-Front Trunks incorporates the same odour neutralising pad technology, with a capacity of between 100-400mls of liquid. Made in a boxer brief style, our washable incontinence pants for kids give added coverage for all day use. You’ll also find boy’s incontinence underwear in the hipster style so that your little man can feel confident going to school or playing sports knowing and being confident that any little accidents are nothing to worry about and all taken care of! Easily machine washable, quick to dry and even dryer-friendly (on a low heat!), our reusable incontinence pants for kids are available in a range of vibrant pinks and purples for girls and blues, greens, blacks and reds for boys. 

Leak-proof swimwear sets

Do you know who invented the ‘pool containment pant’? We did! In addition to our range of incontinence products for kids, Night N Day Comfort invented the World’s very first ‘pool containment pants’ which evolved into incontinence swim shorts and now even incontinence swim skorts! Our incontinence swimwear is designed to provide YOU with peace of mind while your little one plays, swims and just enjoys fun in the pool or at the beach. They’re designed for leak-free use in swimming and hydrotherapy pools, as well as offering SPF50+ sun protection at the beach or waterpark - say goodbye to ‘code browns’! Doctors, nurses, and therapists recommend our range of leak-proof swimwear. 

Our incontinence swimmers have a double-elastic leg with a wide-elastic waistband and drawstring ties which ensure our swimmers stay securely in place so that your little one can frolic, dive and jump into the water and remain leak-free! Our swimmers are the only product on the market with an in-built pad to protect against any urinary or faecal leaks. With a capacity of up to 300mls, your kids can feel safe in their leak-free swimmers. Durable and absorbent, these swimmers come in a range of colours and prints. We’ve even teamed up with local Aussie-artist Mulga to create a NIGHT N DAY x MULGA range of fun prints for our kid’s incontinence swim shorts as well long sleeve rashies for boys and girls. 

Period underwear for comfort and peace of mind

For the young ladies experiencing their period for the first time, a tampon or pad can be very confronting! Period-proof period underwear is a non-invasive and easy-to-use solution that looks and feels just like regular underwear. Our range of NIGHT N DAY x BONDS girl’s period underwear is available in fun stripes and vibrant colours, with our leak-free and period-proof pad that absorbs all leaks and neutralises all odours and can be washed and reused when needed. Available in sizes suitable for all ages, you can shop the hipster or the bikini brief styles in packs of 4 or separately.

Care note: Once you’ve made a purchase, we suggest that you wash the product at least once and up to 5 times to ensure best performance. Our reusable incontinence pads for kids are designed to neutralise odours, however, if you find that you’re experiencing any smells, wash the product in baking soda and vinegar using cold water.

Shop kids incontinence products & underwear from Night N Day Comfort

As Australia’s number 1 brand for reusable and washable incontinence products for kids, we are here to help you and your loved ones feel secure, comfortable, confident and be allowed to live leak-free. If you have any questions or would like more information on our products or incontinence advice in general, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help - and remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!